Living Memorial

The Summit Project is a Living Memorial, open to the participation of everyone who wants to help ensure that Maine Heroes are NOT Forgotten. Everyone is invited to help TSP build and bolster our greater Maine community.   We invite you to be part of this living memorial in any way that you can imagine. Just send us your idea and we can make it happen.  It is here that you will see that The Summit Project is truly a Living Memorial!

TSP welcomes groups of any size and any affiliation who want to carry the memorial stones and memories of our fallen in order to honor and sustain their memories.   If you represent a group, have an idea for a Team Event, we want to know it.   Get involved here.  Get involved today.  We  to invite you to be part of The Summit Project, and we thank you for honoring our heroes through this living memorial.

On this page we congratulate and celebrate those Teams of dedicated individuals who are part of the Living Memorial of The Summit Project.  Every event you see on this page proves that TSP is accomplishing our mission and that we are carrying on the unfinished work of our fallen heroes from Maine toward creating a safer, sounder, more just community — here in Maine and all across the world.  Thank you for honoring the sacrifice of our fallen Maine heroes and their families and being part of this Living Memorial. MHANF.


TSP at Grafton Notch 2014

TSP at Borestone Mountain 2014

TSP at Cadillac 2014

TSP at Bangor Brewer Veteran’s Day Parade 2014

TSP at ELHS 2014

TSP at LRHS 2014

TSP at Bradbury Mountain 2014 

TSP at Maine Marathon 2014

TSP at ANP 2014

TSP at Old Speck 2014

TSP at RFTF 2014

TSP at MWSAA 2014

TSP at 100MW and the AT 2014

TSP at RTHB 2014

TSP at Gettysburg, PA 2014

TSP at AAH Softball Tourney 2014

TSP at TAM 2014

TSP at BSP 2014

TSP at Mt. Everest 2014

TSP at ZFC 2014

TSP at PR Spring Ride 2014

TSP at BM 2014

TSP at GRH 2014

TSP at the Daytona 500 2014

TSP at SO Portland Maine MEPS 2014

TSP at Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa 2013

TSP at WAA 2013

TSP at MCL in BGR 2013

TSP at Dinner with the Smileys 2013

TSP at Maine Marathon 2013

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