Get Involved

The Summit Project is a Living Memorial, open for the participation of everyone. TSP is really about building and bolstering community.  We carry on the work of our fallen heroes — toward creating a safer, sounder, more just America.  With every trek, we want to ensure that our heroes’ memories remain ALIVE.  Through the TSP Non-Hosted Hikes Program, We invite you to be part of this living memorial in any way that you can imagine. Just send us your ideas and we can make it happen.

The Summit Project Non-Hosted Hikes Program welcomes Teams of any size and any affiliation who want to carry stones, honor our fallen Maine heroes and sustain their memories.   If you represent a group, have an idea for a Team Event, we want to know it. We invite you to be part of The Summit Project, and we thank you for honoring our heroes through this living memorial.

STEP ONE:   Download the  TSP VOLUNTEER GUIDELINES AND WORKSHEET form and fill out as carefully and completely as you can.  Be as precise as you can with dates and times.

STEP TWO:  Email a completed signed pdf WORKSHEET form to  Once we get the form, we are just about ready.

STEP THREE:  We will be in touch to approve your project and help facilitate the stone pickup.   Have fun and enjoy your adventure.  Be safe.   Make sure to please follow the TSP guidelines for carrying the tribute stones.  Remember TSP is a living memorial and we honor the fallen by challenging the living… we want to live a life worthy of their sacrifice.

STEP FOUR:   At the conclusion of your tribute trek, we ask every TSP participant to compose a short letter, addressed to the surviving family of the hero whose stone your have carried that reflects your experience with TSP.  The letter is your end of the bargain and your reflection essay, delivered to the families of the fallen, ensures that their memory stays alive.   The letters mean the world to the families and reassure them that their loved one is NOT forgotten and that their loved ones can continue to influence the lives of others and inspire others to life a life of honor, duty, courage and sacrifice.  We ask you to share how YOU carried on the unfinished work of our fallen of creating a safer, sounder, more just America.   ***Please enter the text of you essay on the comment box of the PAGE of the hero you honored.***

There are even more ways to Get Involved with The Summit Project.  IF you want to take you involvement to an even higher level and you feel called to give even more, please read the document, TSP Priorities; How to Get Involved Today and contact TSP immediately.

Thank you for being part of this Living Memorial!   Maine Heroes are NOT Forgotten.   djc

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