Honor Display

The Summit Project is a Living Memorial and ensures that Maine Heroes are NOT Forgotten.  The mission of The Summit Project is to honor Maine’s newest war casualties and the faithful spirit of all Mainers.  We recognize that faithful spirit by asking new groups throughout Maine to take custody of the TSP glass case to be used as an instrument to help recognize and pay proper tribute to the sacrifices made by Maine’s fallen and help to hold, preserve and share the memories of fallen servicemembers from Maine.


Organizations across Maine have begun to assume the honor of “standing watch” over a select number TSP stones in this static display.   The case will remain secure, and a sense of curiosity will bring new people to discover TSP, understand our mission but most of all learn about the lives of our fallen heroes.  The stones within the glass case will NOT be available for tribute treks and the majority of TSP stones will remain at MEPS for regular tribute trek operations.

Our mission with the Honor Case is to elevate awareness of TSP as a Living Memorial and honor our fallen by allowing the communities they died for to honor THEM through action and faithfulness.  We want to reach as many Mainers as possible, asking them to be part of the Living Memorial. We want to live a life worthy of their sacrifice and ensure that Maine Heroes are NOT forgotten.

The best organizations to take custody of the case are those associated with public buildings like schools, universities, libraries, city, state and federal buildings, and other nonprofit organizations, whose buildings are can be open to the public but secure or monitored at night.  We imagine a 3-4 month time period of custody and we imagine building a media event around your organization’s launch date.  We will deliver the case, include your input in choosing the heroes we honor, and take the case when the period of custody is complete.  For profit organizations are usually not appropriate but will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please spread the word and sign up today. Please write to mail@mainememorial.org. Thank you Maine and thank you for ensuring that MHANF.


Lake Region High School, Naples, Maine — Jan 2, 2015 to March 1, 2015

Togus Veteran’s Hospital, Augusta, Maine — Nov 11, 2014 to Jan 2, 2015



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